Our Commitment

PS&P recognises that the UK population is made up of a diverse range of people, consisting of:
  • Men
  • Women
  • Different cultures
  • Different colour, nationalities and language
  • Different race
  • Religious & non religious beliefs
  • With visible / non visible physical and mental disabilities
  • The young and old
  • Heterosexual, gay, lesbian, bisexual & transgender
  • Married, single & civil partnerships
  • Pregnancy and maternal needs
  • People responsible for the care of others including minors, elderly and the infirm

Through this, PS&P is able to plan and adapt accordingly, to meet the individual and group needs of all of its employees, clients and customers with the purpose of providing a working environment and service that will preserve the dignity and respect of all and ensure that everyone is treated fairly and responsibly.

Our Directors, senior management and operational staff at PS&P also know and understand that our very success depends on embracing this diverse range of people as it includes the ability to:
  • Utilise all individuals’ unique range of knowledge, understanding, ideas and perspectives which can only add positivity and value to the way we operate as a company.
  • Anticipate individual clients’ needs by having insight into their policy and critically, the demographics of their populace.
  • Adapt to the needs of the regional demographics through generic and bespoke training to our field collectors in order to apply a respectful and dignified collection service that best serves the community needs and reduce cause for complaint.
Where diversity is not visually definable (non-visible) PS&P provide, in the strictest of confidence, the ability to identify any such areas, conditions or disabilities that may impact on or affect their working practice or ability and provide them with appropriate support and consideration to make reasonable adjustments to minimise any negative impact.

PS&P objectives and commitment to Equality and Diversity

We at PS&P are not just observant of the law but are fully committed to and embracing the ethos of equality. As a result, we are able to realise the impact of our behaviour has on others, whether intentional or unrealised, and adjust our attitudes, language, respect for others and act in a humane and dignified fashion towards all people, irrespective of any differences, and create a harmonious working environment free from individual or group discrimination, victimisation, bullying or harassment.

Our commitment to Equality and Diversity and outcomes are:
  • To meet and exceed our responsibilities and lawful compliance with the Equality Act 2010.
  • To operate a recruitment policy and apply reasonable adjustments to allow recruitment of all persons that is fair and non discriminatory, therefore retaining employees whose skills, experience, and attitude are appropriate to the requirements of the various positions regardless of the nine protected characteristics.
  • The providing of equal access to employment, promotion and an equal approach to the treatment of employees, job applicants, regardless of their race, colour nationality or ethnic origin. PS&P will also take necessary steps to ensure that the views of all groups are taken fully into account as an integral part of any of our processes.
  • To recognise that discrimination and disadvantage, impacts adversely upon all communities in different ways. PS&P accepts its responsibility to identify the needs of all different groups by ensuring that our service delivery and employment practices are responsive and relevant to all groups.
  • To have clear and concise job descriptions where persons are able to be measured against realistic objectives and be provided with the ability to progress in their role through bi-annual appraisals and access to training where required and justified.
  • To provide office staff with qualified professional training in Equality and Diversity so that they are fully aware of their rights and how to conduct themselves in compliance with policy and the law.
  • Operate a working environment free of any form of harassment, bullying or improper conduct.
  • We will provide access to grievance procedures where staff feel that they have been discriminated against, bullied or harassed and ensure that the process meets all employment, legal and ethical requirements.
  • Provide staff with contact information for any relevant external organisations if they feel that PS&P has failed to; recognise the legitimacy of a claim of discrimination or grievance, effectively investigate the claim, allow a formal system of appeal and reach a satisfactory outcome that all parties can agree to.
  • Provide PS&P disciplinary procedures to all, so they are aware of the consequences of their actions and or any malicious intent against others.
  • Provide its enforcement staff and contractors with a level of qualified professional training to attain and exceed any minimum levels of required competency and to suit the environments where they mainly conduct their daily duties.
  • Provide information relating to cultural practices, important and poignant religious dates and where to access further information relating to E&D.
  • The necessary corporate and departmental monitoring, evaluation, policy review and consultation mechanisms will be put in place to achieve these objectives.

Equality & Diversity Training

PS&P operate a comprehensive, annually refreshed, training program which all persons at all levels are required to attend, provided by qualified and competent personnel. Through this PS&P will consistently meet its legal requirements for Equality and Diversity, but will also strive to increase through positive reinforcement the need to embrace the true benefits and principles of diversity at work and home.

The learning outcomes of the Training course - At the end of the training, the attendees will be able to:
  • Understand the effect and the need to remove negative stereotypes and prejudices from all areas of their daily lives.
  • Know the area they live and work in and provide guidance as to avoid unnecessary conflict caused by a lack of knowledge.
  • Understand, respect and value difference.
  • Support employees and contractors in balancing their life at work and at home by providing guidance and advice through professionally trained personnel or external agencies where they feel that this is not achievable.
  • Provide defined positive steps and on call guidance in order to ensure that all persons are treated fairly and with dignity and respect.
  • Ensure that people are treated fairly and equally in the workplace irrespective of their marital or family status.
  • Make reasonable adjustments in the workplace to help people with disabilities achieve their full career potential.
  • Recognise and promote the benefits of a workforce of variable ages.
  • Recognise all individuals’ rights and their freedom to believe or not and provide protection from intolerance and persecution for either.


PS&P recognises the pool of talent available from all diverse areas and as a result will operate a recruitment process that is representative of and responsive to different cultures and groups, where everyone has an equal chance to gain employment and succeed in their role.

PS&P are therefore committed to providing an equality of service and professional conduct in all areas of our business including:
  • Advertising of job posts
  • Recruitment, selection
  • Learning and development
  • Job promotion
PS&P recruitment policy is committed to eliminating discrimination on the grounds of:
  • Race, colour culture and nationalit
  • Gender
  • Age
  • Disability
  • Religious belief or not
  • Marriage or Civil Partnership
  • Sexual orientation
  • Pregnancy, having children or the caring and responsibility of other dependants
  • Transgender / Transsexual

The Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974

PS&P will not discriminate against persons with unrelated criminal convictions that are shown as spent under the amendments to the Act as of March 10th 2014. PS&P will also take guidance and apply due consideration and a risk assessment for unspent convictions where appropriate to do so.

Pay Equality

The Directors of PS&P shall regularly review the salary of employees against industry benchmarks to ensure that they remain competitive. The Company Directors shall also monitor and review employee salary levels to ensure that they continue to achieve equality and fairness in relation to the work performed and with due regard to Equal Pay Act requirements.

Vicarious Liability

PS&P accepts and takes responsibility for the actions and conduct of their staff, throughout the company, during normal working hours and at all organised events that occur outside of normal practice. Therefore the company will take appropriate disciplinary action against any staff member who breach this policy at any of the stated times.

This will include:
  • Inappropriate comments or statements
  • Unwanted Sexual advances or touching
  • Racial intolerance (criminal)
  • Bullying or harassment
  • Threatening or physical abuse


PS&P will actively seek to remove all forms of discrimination from all working practices and take very seriously any allegation of discrimination made by any member of staff, client or customer. Allegations will be rigorously investigated and if confirmed, will be escalated to the appropriate person for immediate action. PS&P will also adopt a more proactive stance in more serious cases and take measured actions, which may include the police or court for formal disciplinary procedures or criminal conviction in any of the following.

This will include:
  • Direct Discrimination: Treating any person less favourably than others without objective reason to do so or on the grounds of a protected characteristic, in recruitment, training or advancement.
  • Indirect Discrimination: Having a rule or practice, which is applied equally to everyone, is unfair on one group of individuals, so the rule is to their disadvantage.
  • Discrimination by Perception: Direct discrimination against someone because others think they have a protected characteristic.
  • Discrimination by association: Direct discrimination against a person who is associated to a person with a protected characteristic. This includes carers of disabled people and elderly relatives, who can claim they were treated unfairly because of duties that had to carry out at home relating to their care work.
  • Bullying & Harassment: Any unwanted or offensive behaviour that affects the dignity of men and women, including verbal / physical gesturing, jokes, and content containing inappropriate comments or images. It will also be taken into account where it is discovered that malicious content against any employee, client or customer is posted on social media and appropriate disciplinary actions taken.
  • Victimisation: Unfair treatment due to making a complaint of discrimination or supporting someone else who is making a complaint.
  • Harassment by a third party: The harassment of staff or customers by people who are not directly employed, such as a contractors, service providers etc.

Part-Time Workers

This Equality and Diversity Policy also covers the treatment of those employees and workers who work on a part-time basis. PS&P recognises that it is an essential part of this policy that part time employees are treated on the same terms as full time employees (albeit on a pro rata basis) in matters such as rates of pay, holiday entitlement, maternity leave, parental and domestic incident leave and access to pension scheme.

PS&P also recognises that part time employees must be treated the same as full time employees in relation to training and redundancy situations and will not discriminate unlawfully and policy will apply when selecting candidate or temporary workers for employment within our organisation.

Our Strategy

Through formal, effective training and working practices, PS&P will endeavor to effect an environment that meets the needs of our staff and remove the social stigmatisms or stereotypes that affect the way we respond to others and to operate free of all discrimination. To constantly monitor and re- evaluate internal processes in order to remove potential discrimination or unfair practices that could have a detrimental effect on morale, staff retention or the company’s external image.

Human Rights Policy Statement

PS&P is also committed to ensure recognition and compliance with the European Convention on Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms. The company respects the Convention rights and as such implements and creates policies and procedures to build a culture within the organisation of rights and responsibilities which are compatible with the relevant part of the Act.


Working in any environment can be challenging at times, it can sometimes be made more difficult if there are concerns about working conditions / practices, unwanted or offensive behavior or discrimination. To help to resolve these issues, the facility to raise a grievance (or complaint) is available and openly encouraged, where any member of staff feels unfairly or wrongfully treated (Refer to PS&P grievance policy for process and further information).


The overall responsibility for ensuring that our policy is implemented monitored and evaluated rests with each of the Company Directors although each employee has a duty to ensure that they follow the policy as part of their routine work activities. We believe that through regular monitoring by the Company Directors and senior managers all customers and employees should be free from discrimination, harassment, prejudice and intimidation.

Regular reviews and assessments of the policy will be conducted to ensure that PS&P Commercial Collections is complying with current legislation and we will also routinely measure the extent to which we are achieving our policy aims and will take any remedial action required where gaps are identified.

The five key or principal areas below outline our embedded activities in ensuring Equality and Diversity within the company.
  • Service Delivery
  • Employment Issues
  • Contracting Procurement
  • Consultation and Engagement
  • Company Leadership and Influence
Paul Caddy, Managing Director
For and on behalf of PS&P Limited

23rd May 2018